At C-Thru Window Film, Chicagoland’s leading window film experts, our goal is to provide high-quality window protection customized to your living or work environment. Quality window films enable dramatic energy savings & improved comfort through heat reduction while protecting your interior furnishings through fade reduction and added safety. Call (847) 272-8468 (TINT) today for your free consultation and estimate! We service the entire Chicago metropolitan area including much of Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana & Michigan.

Why Use C-Thru Window Film

Is your beautiful wooden desk or baby grand piano in front of the window in your living room? Does the sunlight from the two-story foyer window shine on your priceless artwork? In your home, day after day, the sun’s UV rays cause colors to fade, wood floors to crack, heat to build up, and damage that can never be reversed. Now, with the application of sophisticated window film that is nearly invisible, there is a way to control the harsh effects of the sun without using blinds, shades or curtains that block the original clear view out the window.

C-Thru Window Film Inc., with its office in Northbrook, Illinois, services clients in the entire Chicagoland area and its suburbs. Opening the doors in 2003, C-Thru Window Film is the vision of owner Hannah Malin. Malin also owns Sealmaster, a company that specializes in the maintenance of fine furnishings. After observing the harmful effects of the sun in clients’ homes for years, she knew there had to be a better way to help the longevity of fine furnishings and art pieces. C-Thru Window Film’s goal is to provide high-quality window film with a professional installation for both residential and commercial clients. We guarantee expert, flawless workmanship and attentive customer service as we provide nationally-renowned products with the best warranties available. Our entire line of window film will create a cost-effective, scratch-resistant solution that looks great, is long-lasting, fully guaranteed and easy to clean with most household cleaners and a soft cloth.

Window film blocks 99% of the harmful UV rays, saving thousands of dollars in potential solar damage while improving the comfort of your home. Our films will reduce the heat significantly, cut down the glare, provide decorative privacy and allow additional security while adding a protective barrier that helps contain shattered glass fragments. Even a room that is completely unlivable due to the intense heat during the day can be enjoyed again!


In addition to specialty films, we carry a variety of clear, reflective, or totally non-reflective films. For commercial applications, we have a selection of anti-graffiti and safety films for security. Our knowledgeable sales consultants meet with every client to assess their needs and select the proper window film for their home. We employ full time uniformed technicians (not subcontracted labor) who provide a neat, quiet, professional installation.

For the past 32 years, our sister company Sealmaster, Inc., has brought the finest in protective sealant with full service furniture and carpet cleaning to clients of hundreds of interior designers in the Chicago area. Over the years, C-Thru Window Film, Inc has continued to provide additional services to the same clients. The customer satisfaction cards that we receive after a completed service visit are testimonials that confirm the highest level of workmanship from all of our staff. C-Thru Window Film, Inc. encourages you to call our office for a free estimate from our experienced sales staff. Let window film control the harsh effects of the sun and make your home comfortable all year round!